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“21st-century students must learn how to approach problems from many perspectives, cultivate and exploit creativity, engage in complex communication, and leverage critical thinking. With a future of work that is constantly evolving, these non-automatable “human” skills are foundational, and will only increase in value as automation becomes more mainstream.”

Farnam Jahanian for the World Economic Forum, “How higher education can adapt to the future of work”

About Us

Shiminly specializes in holistic cross-disciplinary programs for K-12 schools and private students. We emphasize the whole person in the context of their learning, bridging self-knowledge with education to empower our students for success. Our dynamic courses nurture young people and inspire them to rise to the challenges of the future.

In this age of readily available information, the static lecture-style classroom is a relic. Today’s learners must be challenged to self-motivate and operate independently, while still receiving the support and guidance they need to thoroughly explore a discipline. Shiminly is the solution.

Our program centers on the belief that learning about oneself is as important as learning about the world. A Shiminly education not only gives students world-class academic skills, but also the self-knowledge and confidence to thrive in any setting, from international education to their professional careers.

Shiminly’s Mission

A child’s education influences their entire life. Studies have shown that educational quality directly correlates to success as an adult, and can even affect their professional earning outcomes (“Schools of the Future,” 6).  Every day, it’s becoming more apparent that the 20th-century model of education does not adequately prepare students with the skills they will need in the future. To effectively teach the next generation, we must bridge the gap between the training and pedagogy of the last century, and the demands and challenges of the next.

The educational model most current teachers were trained for is passive and relatively static, with inadequate focus spent on developing non-academic skills, and equating memorization with learning. However, the information most children need is a mere few finger-taps away, and it makes little sense to memorize what can easily be researched.

According to educational policy expert Tony Wagner, while a “rigorous education” used to mean committing greater amounts of increasingly sophisticated knowledge to memory, a rigorous education today means creating new knowledge and applying what you already know to new challenges (Wagner 2-5).

Children today will eventually hold jobs that do not yet exist—but the skills they will need to succeed in these roles are already here. It’s clear that digital literacy will be incredibly valuable as the workforce shifts towards distributed teams. Tomorrow’s workers need to be culturally aware and adaptable, as well as collaborative (“Schools of the Future,” 8). Some of the “human skills” identified as most constructive for the future of work are creativity, negotiation, leadership, and complex problem-solving abilities. (“Future of Jobs,” ix).

Shiminly bridges the gap between traditional academics and 21st-century students by not just highlighting these socio-emotional skills but integrating them into academic content. Shiminly teaches through personal interaction and experimentation, placing students in an active learning environment that stimulates engagement and motivation. Shiminly doesn’t just deliver information—we actively teach students how to find answers for themselves.  Learners will seamlessly blend their social and emotional learning journey with their academic path.

Graduates from our program will start their careers with an advantage that will benefit them for their whole lives. Future skills for future generations—forever Shiminly.

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What We Do

Shimin means “citizen” in Japanese, and our mission is to give students the tools they need to become global citizens of the 21st century. We provide a whole-person education that shapes resilient, confident students who are equipped with both academic and practical life skills that will help them prosper in the real world.


As a virtual interdisciplinary school, we open doors for our students to explore new cultures and experiences that will benefit them throughout their lives. While learners are introduced to many new and exciting academic topics, they’ll simultaneously be building a diverse set of universal skills, called Shiminly Skills, designed to prepare them for any of life’s adventures.


Every parent wants to see their child succeed in every aspect of their lives. That’s why Shiminly offers educational programs that teach students to continuously grow and adapt to their world. Our immersive curricula emphasize the need for worldly skills in addition to academic and technical skills.


Imagine shifting the educational paradigm by breaking down traditional boundaries between subjects and disciplines. Teachers who work with Shiminly gain access to a revolutionary new approach that shapes students to become stewards of information and nurtures a love for learning.


Take advantage of Shiminly’s groundbreaking exploratory curriculum, and give your students the full international education experience. The benefits of Shiminly’s student-focused approach aren’t limited to the classroom—our unique combination of life skills and academics ensure that students are constantly strengthening skills and building character. We also provide numerous opportunities for involving your entire school community in Shiminly projects!

Private Lessons

Shiminly Sessions provides one-on-one classes for students around the globe. Flexible scheduling means that students can meet with their tutors when it’s convenient for them. Students will also receive a personalized learning plan, uniquely tailored to address their most significant learning priorities, as well as consistent feedback to ensure growth.

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Why Shiminly

Our curriculum is guided by recommended best practices for bridging the gap between traditional education and the worldly skills required for the rapidly changing 21st century. We implement philosophy and methodology from experts at the World Economic Forum, UNESCO, and Harvard University to form our future-minded curriculum. We believe in evidence-based approaches to teaching and nurturing young minds that have proven life-changing results.

Traditional academic skills and knowledge are a key part of any education, but our world demands more. That’s why our curriculum teaches valuable life skills, called Shiminly Skills. These skillsets, which include qualities such as empathy and responsibility, are a vital component of all Shiminly lessons and establish a practical foundation for successful global citizenship.

Learning at Shiminly is a collaborative process, wherein we allow students to have some control over their learning experience. Giving students some choice in their learning experience makes it personally relevant, and giving students the opportunity to practice their new skills in real-world situations makes it more so. This process leads to increased understanding and recall, and our teaching methods motivate them to use and refine these skills.

Every Shiminly lesson is aligned with official educational standards, including Common Core, NGSS, and CPALMS. The highly recommended methods we use in our authentic, exploratory curricula are designed to meet the demands of the future.  Our special learning plans were developed by a team of international educators with more than 50 years of collective experience designing instructional materials for all ages.

Virtual teaching is entirely different from video learning. Instead of passively watching a teacher, Shiminly students are constantly engaged. Our teaching is dynamic and facilitates interaction among the participant. Each child receives constant feedback, necessary corrections, and direct, personalized instruction that addresses their specific needs. Shiminly’s teaching guides students to also build their human skills, an important part of their holistic development.

Our talented educators create an enriching and motivating environment where students are challenged to take learning risks, yet feel safe enough to explore and experiment with new skills and information. Shiminly teaching staff have the experience and training to close the gap between 21st-century students and traditional teaching methods. In addition to undergoing specialized Shiminly training, our instructors have both classroom and online teaching experience, and have worked in international schools all over the world. Our delivery methods and warm, positive instructors can meet any academic, social, or emotional needs that students might have.

Our Values

  • Lifelong Learning
    Pursue new knowledge, talents, and challenges throughout a person’s entire life journey.
  • Empathy
    Exemplify stewardship of the earth, oneself, and others through acts of compassion, respect, and understanding.
  • Authenticity
    Stay true to yourself and celebrate the truths of others.
  • Responsibility and Respect
    Understand the vital role one plays as a member of the human community, and promote supportive and thoughtful behavior.
  • Nourishment of Body and Mind
    Safeguard mental, physical, emotional, and social health at every level.

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